Following on from our fantastic weekend at Onley Equestrian, last week got better and better and we were most certainly on a horse – induced high for several days. On the 6th September we had snuck off to Gloucestershire on a boiling hot day, to be assessed as Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) judges. I’ve always felt being a ride judge is something I would love to do, and I thought, being able to combine my love of showing and thoroughbreds, ROR was a great place to start. Sarah applied to do conformation and we were thrilled when our applications were successful. So off we headed, we had a great day learnt a lot and met some lovely people. Neither of us were particularly confident so we were over the moon when we both got letters to say we had passed. So as of 2017 we will be on the ROR panel. Exciting stuff!

The afternoon after our letters arrived we took Monty for a jumping lesson with Phil Curtis. We have owned Monty for just over a year now, and he came from Cheveral House racehorse rehoming, who had him straight from his trainer, Dan Skelton’s yard. However he has been in full livery since spring as we simply couldn’t devote the time he needed and was getting more silly and sharper by the day. With consistent work, as we expected, Monty has chilled out loads although he does of course still have his moments. Anyway, we picked him up on the way home from the SSADL champs (much to patchy’s disgust), I sat on him on Tuesday for a little school and went for our lesson on Wednesday. He was absolutely super, jumped everything we put in front of him and we all had a great time. We went home with lots of home work – mainly for me!

Monty enjoying his jumping lesson




Sadly that was the end of our high, and the week went pretty downhill. Having managed 6 weeks of steady work since coming back from injury, GT has now gone lame. Vets are coming to scan next week but we have a sneaky feeling they will only confirm what we suspect; that his suspensory is not indeed holding up to work.

On another note, Bristol vets rung to arrange a date for us to take Oakley down to be assessed, and hopefully treated, for his headshaking. He will be going on 2nd October and will spend at least a couple of days there. We hope they will finally get to the bottom of his many problems so we can actually start training with some sort of plan.

Even the ever reliable Patch been on the sick list too. We were having a lovely little hack out, when a deer jumped out of the hedge at us. Patch has a mean spin in her which I can normally sit but this time she was much quicker than me! She deposited me a long way from home and took off across several fields, including one that was ploughed, leaving me with a long walk back! Once I caught up with her, I jumped back on and set off again. Fast forward 2 days, and we were looking forward to a spot of Showjumping at local venue White House Farm. Sadly, when I brought Patch in, she was slightly lame, so no showjumping for us. I think it is probably just a bit of a tweak from her little adventure and hopefully she will be back to work in a couple of days.

So that’s all about our week, Monty is going jumping again on Wednesday, just to hire a course of showjumps before we start to think about having a little competitive outing. And the rest of them, well, lets just say I’m making no plans for now!