Back in September we set up our new website as a little outlet for everything we do with our horses. News, views, opinions, triumphs and tears. Some of our regular followers will know that our Dad died suddenly in September 2016 and things have been a little crazy for us. Crazy, is the wrong word. Absolutely crap is a better phrase with one thing or another that has gone on.

Anyhow, if there is something that we have learnt since then is that life does go on. When you just feel like giving it all up, the world does keep turning.  Where there are horses to be fed, dogs to be walked and stables to be mucked out, you can’t help but just have to get on with it, as much as you want to just hide in a hole. We won’t go into the ins and outs on here but just wanted to say sorry for not being as active as we could have been…

Well 2016 has done with and we can start to look tentatively forward to what 2017 might bring. It hasn’t started off the best but alas we’ll keep kicking on with it. So to summarise, since our last post:

Patch: Patchy has become little Miss Consistent and has had numerous wins in show-jumping and dressage. She is still standing at the top of the BS Club leagues in both of her sections and as the show season starts, we will take a little break from jumping her to concentrate on her showing campaign for this season.

Monty: In true Monty fashion, he keeps throwing question marks into the equation. For once, these are question marks that we are delighted to have! Against all the odds he has adopted the title of Mr. Sensible (Yes I know, right?) He’s coming along in leaps and bounds and has gained a few more BS points along the way. We just have no clue what direction to go with him. Show him, event him or stick to Show-Jumping.

Oakley: Now, what do we say about Oakley? We would love to report that all is grand in Oakleys little world but we have come to a massive standstill with him. The vets are baffled and so are we. After extensive and very costly ulcer treatment Oakley has now developed Glandular ulcers, which don’t seem to be going away. He’s having another batch of treatment to try and clear them up and will be re-scoped next month to see what’s going on in that delicate little tummy of his.

Classy: Classy is confusing us a bit at the moment. She’s always been a quirky little madam but she’s so hot right now that we don’t quite know what the answer is. On a positive front, after our super farrier has re-shod her with cool ‘Nikey Trainers’, she is sound and back in work, granted, she keeps trying to buck but we can’t have everything.

Matilda: Tilda looks like a goat. There is nothing else to say about poor Matilda. Got to love a wonky yearling!

Romeo: Ro on the other hand looks as far removed from a goat as you can get and we are rather excited about how he is looking right now! Bring on August when we can start breaking him in.

Last but not least, we are sad to say that we have had to have GT and Foxy Put to sleep over the last 6 months.

Poor GT had developed Navicular in both front feet. Teamed with his suspensory injury and his lack of pleasantries when turned out with another horse, we just could not keep him as a field ornament and so the horrible decision to have him put down was made. We will always love GT for his ‘Special Ways’ and he will always firmly be in our hearts.

Foxy, God bless him was around 32 when we said Goodbye. It had been a standing joke for the last 5 years that he wouldn’t make it through another winter but alas the old boy kept going. Unfortunately, his fight had given up and we made the sad choice to have him PTS, at home before he deteriorated further. We said bye with his mouth full of carrots and a familiar face by his head, knowing he had, had a great life.

Well, that’s us done for a quick re-cap, we promise we will have a lot more being posted through the coming weeks and months, so for now – See you soon!