Today has been what can only be described as a weird one. Being as far into traditional horse ownership as you can get, we stepped into the dizzying world of ‘Horse Communication’… Are you still with us?

I will admit it was an odd experience, especially when you sheepishly say to said equine listener that you simply Googled Horse Communicator in Lincolnshire and up she popped. Anyhow, as alot of you will know, we have been having quite a few problems with Oakley. His headshaking has progressed to now happening intermittently in the field and he is currently not in any form of work at all. His squamous ulcers, on their last scope had really improved, however, his glandular ulcers had not and we were feeling a little bit lost as to how to move forward, alongside his medication. So, as every rational human being does, they delve into the thought process of someone more spiritual. I mean what have we got to lose right?

We quite liked the lady as soon as we met her, albeit swinging a bag of crystals around – At this point, we didn’t know if these were for smelling or eating – A varying choice of colours made them look quite appetising.  So after filling out a disclaimer that the information given was ‘For Entertainment Purposes Only’ off we trundled to see Oakley in his field.

We won’t go into the details of what was said but we are reserving judgement (However, please feel free to PM us and we will reveal all – Not literally but you know what we mean). I am not entirely sure if we are going to start placing crystals around his field in a bid to make him happier but the experience was overall quite a positive and enjoyable one and the lady obviously has a great gift PLUS the sun was out and we had a really good feeling that Spring is finally in the air.

Today is a positive day and we do have a little secret up our sleeves. So excited but we won’t be revealing all just yet!