Yesterday we had a bad day on paper… In reality it was a great day for Monty, not from a results point of view but from a behaviour point. What we did learn was…

  • Some people really aren’t very nice to their horses.
  • Monty is best when ‘put to sleep’ – No, don’t worry, not literally but warmed up and allowed to go back to sleep on the box.
  • Patchy pony is not a machine and can no longer manage a 90cm track.
  • Monty is more than capable of doing a Discovery track.
  • Patchy Pony is a really bad companion – Did she scream for Monty!?
  • Manor Grange Stud does amazing coffee.
  • We need some lessons from Super Star Rosie!

Both Patch and Monty went out to Manor Grange Stud, near Pontefract. It’s a little bit out of our way from our usual haunts but as they had BS Club and BS on, we thought it was worth a trip. We have actually found one of new favourite venues! For any other venues out there – This is how organisers are supposed to take entries. A big smile, a little joke and beautiful rosettes. The cafe is also pretty good as well (We didn’t try the chips and cheese but the coffee was amazing)

Anyhow, back to the day in hand. We had intended to be back home by 1ish as Team Taylor Part 2 had sneaked off work for the morning but that didn’t quite go to plan. We have also learnt, we don’t much like ‘show-jumpers’. We saw some hideous displays of horsemanship and it makes us really sad to see some of these lovely horses treated like they were.

Patchy Pony

Patchy jumped first and did her usual clear round. A little slower than the speedy pony that won but as always, her consistency got her a second place and more points to add to her score. We had a look at her record last night and it looks pretty impressive. 6 wins, a 3rd and a 2nd (and another 2nd from yesterday to add on) Not bad from 4 outings! She’s still top of the BS Club league for 70cm pony and 80cm pony. Yay. Her second round wasn’t so great. We think the course builder got a little enthusiastic with his fences in the second half, boy did they look big! She managed the first section and got a lovely clear but really found the second part difficult. To be fair they probably were up to height (90cm for second part) but at 18, Patch really struggled and although she managed to get over the first 2 fences , she stopped twice at one particularly big fence and so the hand went up and we called it a day. It is very unusual for Patch to stop at anything show-jumping, ditches yes! Water, hell yes! But not poles – Her BS record proves this and I’m afraid to say when we got home she was un-level on the near fore with a spot of heat on the fetlock. It’s probably nothing but we will keep an eye on her over the weekend. We simply think she just found the fences too big and being an older lady now, just couldn’t quite manage them. Saying this, her tummy probably doesn’t help matters at the moment!! Got to love the spring grass.

Monty Brown

Right, we aren’t going to beat around the bush. Monty is a sod at times. We can never quite work out if he is genuinely novicey or downright naughty. Yesterday was a bit of both. He came off the box like a donkey, until mounted, then decided he was 10 men and could take on the world. After a little bit of warming up he was feeling really supple, chilled and happy. Hands were kept high, leg always wrapped around him and it actually felt like we were getting somewhere. Unfortunately after a bit of a wait for the course to be changed he was getting hotter and hotter until he whipped round and the ground came a bit keen… Not one person offered to even catch him and so the walk of shame was done until rider and horse were re-united. His behaviour continued to get worse until it was our time to jump. Lets just say it wasn’t our finest moment. 16 faults (4 of which were due to a run-out because all control was lost after he over-jumped and jocked poor Claire out the saddle) BUT they got round in one piece!

As is the case with Monty he needs time to think about things, so after a quick cool-down, he was put back on the box to go to sleep (He ALWAYS sleeps on the box, doesn’t matter if we are travelling or stood, unless he is ready to come off he’s asleep) And there he stayed until 10 minutes before he jumped. Quick warm-up and straight into the class and just allowing him to come back down worked wonders and they managed a chilled, nearly controlled round. He did roll a pole, which is quite normal, annoying but normal, and an accidental technical 4 faults for crossing tracks, Oooops, but it was a lovely round and by far the biggest track he has jumped to date. Happy owner, tired but very pleased pony and happy rider.

So, to summarise, it was a great day and a bad day, all rolled into one to make it an OK day. Highly think we will be going back to Manor Grange Stud 🙂

Happy Easter people