It’s been a little while since we updated on how everyone is getting on. We’d actually started writing this particular blog a week or so back but work got in the way and so it got left (Sorry) Soooo, we’ll start where we left it:

This week has been a bit of an upper and a downer. Patchy pony and Classy have been on the sick, lame and lazy list for the last week and Monty has been rather a good boy. (For now)

For those of you who don’t know Patchy pony has a genetic condition that makes her tie up infrequently and just 14 days before Newark and Notts County Show, she decided to make her feelings on the subject of hard work known and tied up twice in a week. The ground is hard, we’re fed up, pony is poorly and she’s too fat. Nothing more on the subject. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, Classy has had a visit from my super sponsor, Sune du Toit & Associates and has got a little bit of something niggling. She’s still 100% Sound in front – Which is always an added bonus, thanks to some super cool Nikey trainers from our fabulous farrier, Jed Hallam, but this issue is a new one. We’ve been prescribed a TENS machine (Oh my days, these things are awesome to watch) and a slow rehabilitation programme to follow, before we get the vet out for some investigative treatment, if her niggle remains.

The youngsters are getting less hairy by the day and slightly too tubby (As it the old bird as well) and are shaping up quite nicely we think.

We’ve also discovered an absolute genius… More on the lovely Rosie next time.

In the meantime can you’s all please do a rain dance for us? I don’t care in what format it’s in, clothed, naked, funny hats, warpaint etc? Just please pray for rain.

See ya’s at Newark guys.