The title pretty much sums this weekend up! Freaking awesome!

After a bit of a trek up North to Hambleton on Saturday, we’ll not lie, we were a bit disappointed not to even be placed in Patchy’s in-hand class. After her win at Newark County in-hand, it’s a bit of a bump back down to earth but that’s showing. Don’t like it, don’t do it. Simples.

We weren’t holding out much hope for any goods in the ridden class. Hambleton is a direct qualifier for the SSDL Olympia Championships and so the classes are really quite competitive. Anyhow, in a class that was really big, with some super animals in it, the  go round was a little bit hairy at times but this suits Patch well anyway. A lovely individual show, not 110% tidy but it felt enough, lovely complements from the conformation judge and we were feeling a bit better. Not optimistic but better. She only pulled 3rd! Absolutely delighted. I know some people will say 3rd isn’t great but it’s blooming marvelous to us in such a big class, and one which is a direct route as well. We got back home 12 hours after we had left, tired, very, very hot but buoyed by a great day out.

Monday was Monty’s day out. We were quite disappointed to see not a huge amount of entries for the Floors Castle 3 Phase RoR challenge. We know how much work goes into organising events, so had wished for a couple more for the organisers but alas, at least an early finish kept the husbands happy! He only went and won the class AND qualified for the 2018 Finals with a 19/20 for his dressage (We know he can do alot better as well) and 18/20 for his conformation. Can’t get much better than that and had some super comments from the conformation judge as well.

Happy Team Taylor this week. Back to work with a crash, bang and wallop and waiting for the weekend again…

On another note, Mummy T’s hay is growing rather well and some of you may already know what that means… Watch this space!