An Amateur rider with professional standards…

About Me

If you have made it this far well done! Here you will find out a little bit about me, who I am and why I do what I do.

Since I was a little girl I have ridden. I, like may others from my generation, started out on a little Welsh Mountain pony of no particular breeding, who was far from suitable for a child. He was an absolute terror but taught me as much as he could about staying on. From this pony I moved on to an equally unsuitable pony who was high spirited, head-strong and downright naughty.

At 15, I worked for a local dealers yard and got thrown on anything and everything and came across a black New Forest pony called Jack. This is where my love of showing first started. Jack was, to put it politely, a monster. He had a mean buck, an excellent sense of humour and smelt anxiety from 20 feet away but he was a natural showman and loved working hunter and showing classes. He won everything at local level but was never quite good enough to go any higher and so we stuck to what we did and enjoyed every second of it.

… Can you see a pattern emerging here?

The pattern continued until I started up my own yard with my older sister (Team Taylor Part 2, Sarah). Sarah had worked in racing for a short period of time herself during her younger years and also in the same pre-training and breakers yard that I had also. It was decided over a couple of bottles of wine that starting up on our own was the way forward and would allow us both to fulfill our dreams.

We ran the yard successfully for 5 years, gaining a waiting list of up to 12 weeks for clients and an excellent reputation for being honest, reliable and great with tricky, lost and difficult horses. It was from a client that GT was purchased, sent to us as a last chance.

We ceased trading in 2014, after rising insurance costs and the economy fall and, as they say we have never looked back. I do still miss the laughs, the tears and the bruises that came from having our own yard but I do now enjoy not having to worry about not having any money to pay my mortgage! (Sort of!)

Team Taylor was born after my maiden name and the name kind of stuck. We are a team operation, completely self funded, completely reliant on one another and all chipping in to do our part. I mean, who can actually manage to look after, ride and produce up to 6 horses on their own while working 40+ hours a week? I’m good but I am not Superwoman!

We now run at full capacity with our little group of delinquents, who have their own individual quirks and issues. My horses are far from perfect but then neither am, neither are any of us. We are all just trying to do our best, with what we have and enjoy it!

Now, if you have made it this far, you definitely need a glass of wine!

“If in doubt, take one out!”