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While we are here, I’d just like to give a massive shout out to my amazing sponsors & the companies that we are delighted to be associated with.


Sune has been treating our horses for more years than either of us can remember and I simply will not have anyone else attend to their physiotherapy needs. Our horses are looked at quite regularly by Sune, especially Monty. I completely trust her judgement, professionalism and attention to detail with our horses and it’s an absolute pleasure to be sponsored by somebody who I have the utmost of respect for.

I’ve also been really pleased to attend some of the horse and rider physiotherapy clinics, which are excellent. I never quite realised how wonky I was until I saw the videos – They are well worth going to!

For more information about Sune du Toit & Associates, please click on the link.

kraken logo

Team Taylor worked in association with Kraken’s Dog House to review one of their awesome leads – The Ranswick Anti-Choke Slip Lead. Ranger loves their products and they value their dogs as much as we do, something which is really important to us. AND they have a super cool website, what more could you want?

Check out their website Kraken’s Dog House and read about how the brand came about. You can read our full review of the Ranswick Slip-Lead here.


SR Administration is TT Part 2’s (Sarah’s) company name and I am so lucky to have her as part of our little team and sponsoring me. Sarah is a content writer by trade but manages the day-to-day administration of a couple of small businesses, alongside being the Website Manager for a national company. Based at home and being freelance enables Sarah to juggle the day to day management of our horses, as well as earning her keep with her clients!

Team Taylor are always interested in helping out companies to broaden their current brand reach.

I am based in Lincolnshire and could potentially extend your publicity reach to the Northern counties. I have 5 horses who are regularly out on the competition circuit, in a variety of disciplines including showing, show-jumping and dressage, giving scope for a wide reach of your products.

I am an amateur rider, who works full time as a carer. I have previously been a brand ambassador for Horse & Houndโ€™s Equo online entries system, so I know what being a brand ambassador entails. I have been described as relateable, approachable and friendly and this is what makes me a great ambassador for a company. The everyday amateur can relate to what I do and how hard it is to keep horses on the road and competing, while holding down a full time job. I work hard at my job and work even harder with my horses to get the results that we do and for this I am exceptionally proud. Like most riders who do not do horses professionally, we are a family run operation, with everyone chipping in to help out with mucking out and the day to day chores that come with horses, as well as the competition side of things.

If I sound like the sort of person who could promote your brand and give your company the justice that you deserve, please feel free to get in touch with me. If you would like any more information, please visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Ins or browse the website to see who I am, find out more about my horses and to see what we do.

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